Paella is a beautiful dish originating on the Mediterranean coast off Spain in the region off Valencia, it is a dish consisting of saffron flavoured rice cooked with delicious meats, seafood and vegetables.


Vegetarian paella

£10 per head

Our vegetarian paella will be packed full off Mediterranean vegetables, fresh herbs, rice and subtle undertones of sweet smoked paprika and saffron rice giving our paella an authentic Spanish flavour.


Chicken and chorizo paella

£12 per head

Our chicken and chorizo paella is a fantastic dish bursting with flavour, cooked with delicious smoky Spanish chorizo, tender pieces of chicken, Mediterranean vegetables, saffron rice and fresh herbs.


Seafood paella

£18 per head

Our seafood paella is truly outstanding, brimming with quality fresh seafood such as tiger prawns, mussels, monkfish and squid. All cooked within the flavoursome saffron and chorizo rice garnished with fresh herbs and lemon.

All our dishes will come with a salad garnish and a wedge of lemon

We can serve between 50 – 120 people. We will arrive 2 hours before service with everything we need to make your event run smoothly. If it is an evening event where lighting will be required we just need access to a single phase plug. Service will be for a maximum of 1hour to ensure your food is at its best. We will then discreetly clear and pack away taking our rubbish with us